Choosing a coffee maker with grinder.

“What’s the best grind and brew coffee maker?”

If you use your coffee maker everyday, at least once or more, the better coffee machine with grinder is one that:

  • Looks good on your counter (you will want to keep it out, not tucked away).
  • Brews coffee just the way you like it (temperature and taste come into play here).
  • Is easy to use (simple to program, fewer buttons to push).

Most of the grind and brew coffee makers today are much easier to use than the older models were, and for the most part, make a flavorful cup of coffee just the way you like it … as long as you select the coffee maker to suit the way you enjoy coffee.

Coffee maker and grinder options

There is a common misconception that you can save money by purchasing a coffee maker with grinder, as opposed to purchasing both the coffee maker and grinder separately.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Cuisinart Coffee MakerCuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

While in most cases, you will save money buying a combination coffee maker, many of the popular grind and brew coffee makers use inferior grinders which can give the finished coffee a burnt or bitter taste.

If you want to have better control over the finished coffee, your best option is to purchase the coffee maker of your choice and select the best coffee bean grinder.

You will find that the best grind and brew coffee makers include a burr grinder. And the very best grind and brew coffee makers are fitted with a conical burr grinder. Of course, these models are somewhat pricier, but in the long run you will:

  • Enjoy a better tasting cup of coffee.
  • Save money by not throwing out half a pot of poor tasting coffee.
  • Use less coffee, because the coffee maker is more efficient.
  • As the saying goes … you get what you pay for.

Many grind and brew machines are so integrated, that if the one part stops working, you can’t make coffee. But if you are looking to save space on your counter, having just one machine versus two can be a blessing.

What to look for in a grind and brew coffee maker

For everyday use, choose a coffee maker with grinder that makes coffee the temperature that you prefer your coffee, and the strength you enjoy your coffee.

A thermal carafe is very convenient if you like to take your coffee pot to the table to enjoy with meals because it will stay hot for up to 5 hours (sometimes longer) without requiring a heating element.

On the other hand, If you prefer a really hot cup of coffee, the thermal carafe coffee makers with grinders. You probably find that you will continually microwave your cup of coffee to get it up to the temperature you enjoy.

If the taste and aroma are the most important benefits to you, choose a coffee maker with grinder como machine that includes a burr grinder. A conical burr grinder is the very best, because the coffee beans stay cool as they are ground, and the grind is more even … producing a less bitter tasting coffee.

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