Stovetop percolators are now back in fashion (not that they ever were out) because people are realizing that these manual coffee makers make great tasting coffee!

Many people are discovering that stove top percolators are also eco-friendly because they will typically use less energy than standard automatic drip coffee makers.

This is because once you heat the water in your percolator over your heat source, you only need the energy on for a short few minutes before you can turn it off.

Most home coffee makers, such as the typical drip coffee maker, stay plugged in all the time, and stay on for hours before shutting off, even if they are equipped with an automatic shut off feature.

  • Make rich tasting coffee
  • Use less coffee than drip coffee makers
  • Produce hotter coffee with more flavor

Tap into your own taste preference for great coffee

For those of us who prefer a fuller bodied cup of coffee, you will find your perfect match in a stovetop percolator.


This classic coffee percolator from Faberware is so good looking you will want to keep it on your stovetop even when you are not perking coffee.

It’s easier to obtain a stronger flavor when you use a coffee percolator, because you can simply time your perking to your own particular likings.

The longer you allow the coffee to perk, the more flavor you will extract from your ground coffee beans. The key here is to not let the percolator boil … just keep the heat to a steady simmer, just below a boiling point (usually a medium heat will suffice).

You will find that your coffee is hotter, too, than the standard drip makers offer.

What we love about these new percolator coffee pots

Right at the top of our list is the fact that brewing coffee in a percolator will help you to feel thrifty while indulging yourself a bit. The whole house will be filled with the aroma as your coffee perks on your stovetop.

It’s easy to adjust the preferred strength of your coffee, and get just the right boldness without any bitter taste.

You will use less coffee grounds, saving money all month!

If you like your coffee hot …

If you are used to drip coffee, you know how easily coffee brewed in a typical drip coffee maker can cool down … you will be pleasantly surprised at the temperature of your stovetop percolator coffee. And it’s so easy to re-heat if you want to!

And, since you have brewed your coffee at the ideal temperature (195º to 205º ) you will extract all the goodness and aroma that is possible from your grounds.

To get the best flavor from your percolator, simply allow your coffee to perk for the minimum recommended time (3-4 minutes) for a lighter cup of coffee. Or by adding more grounds, and letting your coffee perk (remember … keep the heat to just a simmer) for up to 8 minutes for a more full-bodied cup.

There are several good choices of different stovetop percolators, and they are very inexpensive to own! You will really enjoy making coffee in your new percolator coffee pot.

You will generally find the aluminum models in the camping section, because they are much lighter in weight and easily fit into a backpack.

Some people report that an aluminum percolator, which is typical of an inexpensive stovetop type of percolator, may give off a slight metallic taste.

The best choice would be to try out a glass percolator, such as the Corning percolator which can safely be used on the stove top, and insures that the coffee you perk in in your percolator will have a clean, bold flavor.

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