The vacuum coffee maker at work brewing a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.

A vacuum coffee maker will brew the best coffee you have ever experienced. A wonderful cup of coffee that is full of flavor and aroma, without any bitterness is the result of using glass vacuum / siphon type coffee makers.

These festive coffee makers go by a few different names such as;

  • glass vacuum coffee maker,
  • siphon coffee makers,
  • vacuum coffee machines and vacuum brewer.

As for an energy source, the vacuum coffee brewers / makers use either your stovetop or de-natured alcohol as fuel to heat up the water you will be using to brew the coffee in your vacuum siphon coffee makers.

Because you don’t need to plug them in, the vacuum brewer is perfectly adaptable to most any situation. My neighbor uses theirs on outside on their patio for brunches and summer evenings on the porch.

Bodum once manufactured an electric vacuum coffee machine that used an electric plug in heating pod with a timer, but for some reason took them off the market.


I have seen them on the tables at elegant receptions (because of their portability), and the romantic feeling one gets as you watch the coffee making process unfold. This is really something to witness … just once and you will be converted to using a vacuum siphon coffee maker full time.

How these vacuum brewers work

The process is quite simple, really. The coffee maker has 2 glass globes, which rest, vacuum sealed, on top of one another.


The lower glass globe is where you place the water to be heated for your coffee. The upper glass globe is the portion into which the coffee will appear as the brewing is in progress.

In between the two globes, a filter holds your ground coffee. Most vacuum coffee machines come with reusable filters that do an excellent job of filtering out the solids and leaving only the true aroma and flavor of your coffee beans.

Once you place the sealed vacuum pot on the heat source, this may be your stove top or another heating method such as an alcohol burner, turn on the heat to a medium setting. The water in the lower chamber will come to a boil, causing the water to rise through the filtered coffee grounds to the upper glass globe.

Leave the brew alone for a few minutes, and then remove your coffee maker from the heat. As the temperature lowers to a reasonable drinking temperature, a vacuum begins to draw the coffee back down to the lower glass globe, back down through the filter which removes all the sediment that is typically found in a dripped type cup of coffee.

You are now ready to serve and enjoy your coffee from the lower glass pot.

Yes, the making of the coffee is lots of fun, but more than that is the taste a vacuum brewed cup of coffee brings.

Because the coffee is brewed in glass, without passing through either metal or plastic, the taste is as pure as it gets. And the aroma … well, the aroma of this coffee is heavenly.

A Bodum vacuum coffee maker uses a nylon filter that is superior in straining at most of all the sediment that you typically find in a pot of coffee. And all models and manufacturers of vacuum coffee machines use glass as the primary material, which is easier to clean with little effort.

You will read that coffee prepared with the vacuum process takes longer to brew than the typically dip coffee maker would take, but remember

“Coffee is an art, a ritual meant to be enjoyed from the grinding of the beans to the sipping of the perfect cup”

If you are like many of us, the pleasure of making that “perfect cup of coffee” is as pleasing to your senses as the praise you will get from your friends and family, cup after cup.

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